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Please understand that there will be zero returns/refunds honored for pre-ordered kits due to impatience or indecisiveness. If you are unsure that you can wait for both the pre-order phase as well as the fabrication and shipping times, please do not purchase a kit until the pre-order phase is over and all pre-ordered kits have been completed.

Pre-Orders will be accepted throughout June and fabrication will begin mid July. Updates will be posted to the Hellfire Fabrication Instagram if there are any delays. Fabrication will begin with the first order placed and move down the list in the order that orders are received.


Due to unfortunate ongoing global situations, shipping and material costs may fluctuate.


Estimated build time: TBA

Expect build time delays depending on demand, holidays, and weekends.

All products are hand crafted to order which takes time.


Feel free to email or contact me via Email if you have any questions regarding shipping costs.


Electronic J-Pipe Cutout


Instantly upset (or satisfy) your neighbors with the click of a button!

Experience the best of both worlds!

2015-2021 WRX (Manual Transmission Only)

Utilizes a vband to reduce the need of gaskets, allow for an easier install, and break the trend of using slip fits for "quality" performance parts.

Designed to bolt directly up to the OEM turbo and OEM/most aftermarket catback systems.

BEST used in junction with the Hellfire Fabrication Bastard Pipe.

May require a tune/retune.

Professionally TIG welded and back purged.

Made of 3" 304 Stainless.

Off road use only.

Professional installation recomended.

Includes x2 vband clamps, wiring, actuator, control module, and wireless remotes.

Does NOT include O2 sensors, hardware or gaskets.


For more information on optional heat plates, click here.


It is recommended to replace turbo to J-Pipe hardware and gasket during install. Also consider replacing catback hanger bushings with stiffer/newer bushings to prevent excess catback movement during spirited driving conditions.

Installation Requirements:
If you plan on installing with OEM header, you may need to slighty bend driver side heatshield which can easily be done with pliers. This will prevent any potential for contact. Removing the heatshield on OEM header closest to j-pipe is an option as well. Modification to the bumper and plastic shielding undertray will be required.

Note: Adjustments may need to be made post install at the vband and mounting point to ensure system does not contact transmission brace or other components. For static low suspension setups with minimum to no ground clearance, the HfF Side Exit exhaust is highly recommended.


Warning: Installation of an aftermarket J-Pipe without a tune or at least seeking tuner advice, may result in damage to vehicle.


We at Hellfire Fabrication, are not tuners therfore we cannot offer tuning advice.

Hellfire Fab will not be held liable for any damages due to inproper installation, negligence, or tuning mishaps.


I value my clients and see that quality is much more important than quantity!

Please be patient!

Electronic J-Pipe Cutout (2015-2021 WRX)

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