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Due to unfortunate ongoing global situations, shipping and material costs may fluctuate.

Estimated build time: 8-10 weeks

Expect build time delays depending on demand, holidays, and weekends.

All products are hand made to order which takes time.

Feel free to email or contact me via Instagram if you have any questions regarding build time, custom hood exits, or shipping costs.

Hood Exit Exhaust- CATLESS

Click to view the sounds video! ---> HfF Hood Exit Exhaust


Known and loved by performance and stance builders alike.

This Hood Exit exhaust offers the highest weight savings only second to the Hellfire Fabrication Side Exit, and won’t ever scrape the ground if you’re looking for that perfect low setup.


2015-2021 WRX CVT and manual models

Utilizes a vband to allow for easier install and tip angle adjustment.

Designed to bolt directly up to the OEM turbo.

Fits aftermarket intercooler piping.

May require a tune/retune.

Some vehicle modification required.

Professionally TIG welded and back purged.

Made of 3" 304 Stainless.

Off road use only.

Professional installation recommended.

Does not include O2 sensors, hardware or gasket.

Tip style, tip color, and bung quantity, options are available in the drop down menus.

Gold heat tape option is available for those choosing to tape surrounding components to prevent heat soak IE: battery, intercooler piping, headlight, hood latch cable.

Price varies depending on selection.

Base exhaust comes with a minimum of 2 bungs (for upstream AND downstream O2 sensor)


Installation Requirements:

Install Video ---> HfF Hood Exit Removal and Installation


You must delete the windshield wiper fluid reservoir and cut an exit point in the hood to fit and run this exhaust.

Some minor modification to battery tray may be required to create more clearance for up-pipe. Bending the tray slightly will help prevent possible vibration and/or contact of hood exit on surrounding components when motor mounts flex at WOT or shifting conditions. Bending the battery tray is highly recommended and will help add to the clearance between up-pipe and headlight. Some aftermarket headlights offer less clearance than others.
When clocking the up-pipe for perfect fitment, always set the up-pipe closer to the battery tray and further away from the headlight. When at WOT conditions, the Hood Exit moves slightly upwards and towards the headlight due to bushing/mount movement.

Add-On Information:

The MeLe Design Firm 600 Series Battery Mount and the Full Throttle FT230 Performance Battery (as seen in images above, installed in junction with the Hellfire Fabrication Hood Exit Exhaust) is available to add to your order! MeLe has teamed up with us to provide THE highest quality and major weight savings battery setup on the market. Not only does this setup clean up the engine bay, but it shaves 13.8 lbs. from the nose of the vehicle and allows for a greater distance between the Hood Exit Exhaust and the battery.

The slim battery and MeLe Battery Mount is not required as the Hood Exit will fit with an OEM battery, however it is recommended to run a slimmer battery to help push the battery further away from a heat source and prevent any potential for heat soak and battery life degradation.


MeLe Design Firm 600 Series Battery Mount

5052 marine grade aluminum.

TIG welded.

Each mount comes with a unique serial number for authenticity and quality control.

Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware.

Able to use with Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Kit, I Wire Fuel Pump Controller Kit, PRL, Mishimoto, and ETS Front Mount Intercoolers.


Full Throttle FT230 High Performance Battery

Designed to handle vibration and shock during off road driving and racing conditions while staying strong and reliable for continued use into the future.


Pulse (5 Second) Hot Cranking Amps (PHCA) : 680

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) : 230

20 Hour Nominal Capacity (Ah) : 20

Reserve Capacity : 28 minutes

Dimensions : 7.13x3.03x6.57

Weight : 15.4lbs


Gold Reflective Heat Tape

Available to add on to your order as it will help prevent and potential for heat soak into your battery as well as surrounding components.

Warning: Installation of Hood Exit without a tune or at least seeking tuner advice, may result in damage to vehicle.

Some tuners suggest to simply check for overboost before calling it "good".

All tuners have different methods, but nevertheless, seek tuner input before acting.

We at Hellfire Fabrication, are not tuners therfore we cannot offer tuning advice.

Excercise caution while washing the vehicle with a Hood Exit Exhaust.

Avoid spraying water directly into the exhaust.

Hellfire Fab will not be held liable for any damages due to inproper installation, negligence, or tuning mishaps.

I value my clients and see that quality is much more important than quantity!

Please be patient!

Hood Exit Exhaust (2015-2021 WRX)

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